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Welcome to Maggie Q Online, your number one source for all things Maggie Q. She is best known for her roles in several films such as Mission: Impossible III, Live Free or Die Hard, the Divergent film series, and in television shows such as Nikita and Stalker. She currently stars as FBI Agent Hannah Wells in the new ABC show, Designated Survivor. Thanks for stopping by, and please visit us again soon!
May 06, 2012 Gallery-Nikita

I’ve added over 300 HD, logoless screen captures of Maggie from the latest episode of Nikita to the gallery. Be sure to check them out!

May 05, 2012 News

This weekend, the hugely anticipated blockbuster “The Avengers” hits theaters, bringing together a motley crew of super heroes, including Robert Downey Jr.’s “Iron Man,” Mark Ruffalo’s “The Hulk,” and Chris Hemsworth’s “Thor.” The lone butt-kicking lady of the bunch? Scarlett Johansson, who plays the Black Widow — a role she first played in “Iron Man 2” — in the flick. “There is no magic wand to wave over oneself to look good in a latex catsuit,” she famously said about the role. And yet, she makes it look so easy. In Scarlett/Black Widow’s honor, here are 10 other kick butt female film and TV characters and the women who played them.

6. Maggie Q in “Nikita.” The role has a history — first, as a French film called “La Femme Nikita” and then as an American adaptation called “Point of No Return,” starring Bridget Fonda — but Maggie Q brings her own bad ass vibe to the televised version of the assassin.

Source: ABC

April 30, 2012 Gallery-Nikita

I’ve finally gotten around to capturing the latest episode of Nikita and HD screen captures can now be viewed in the gallery. Enjoy!

April 30, 2012 Gallery-Nikita

Many apologies for the delay, episode stills from next week’s episode of Nikita can now be found in the gallery. I can’t wait for this episode!

When it looks like Percy’s nuclear weapons plan is getting out of control, Ryan suggests they go to the Director of the CIA, Morgan Kendrick, for help. Nikita is vehemently opposed to the plan and is surprised when Michael takes Ryan’s side. Tensions escalate when Nikita is proven right after they discover Kendrick has a link to Percy. Meanwhile, Sean is shot by Percy’s men, shaking Alex to the core.

April 30, 2012 Articles & Interviews-Nikita

Last week’s episode of the Nikita, “Wrath,” will go down as one of the best and most intense episodes in the show’s two seasons.

Star Maggie Q, whose character was tortured both mentally and physically in the episode, couldn’t have been more pleased with the favorable reception, especially considering the work the actress put into it. “[It] was the heaviest I’ve gone in my career,” she said. “[I] came out the other end winded and exhausted. It was so hard, that episode.”

This week’s episode, on the other hand, is quite the departure. In “Shadow Walker,” Birkoff (Aaron Stanford) and Nikita clash after the team asks him to make a large monetary risk as part of a scheme. (And we’re not talking chump change — there is $20 million dollars on the line.) The result, says Maggie Q, is a “fun episode” that examines the sometimes rocky friendship between Nikita and her geeky teammate. “Every time Nikita and Birkoff get into it, they always come to a middle ground,” she says.

But one person Nikita is likely never to find a “middle ground” with? Percy (Xander Berkeley), who will continue to tango with Nikita and Co., leading up to a “big time” clash in the show’s upcoming May season finale. “I do have some action with the Percy character, but it’s more difficult because Xander is not an action guy,” she says. “You have to design something that suits both characters and is character driven. And designing a fight for two people who are that different is really difficult. But I think their fight is very emotionally based…. It’s a very angry fight. It’s definitely brutal.”

The finale, she adds, will leave fans on pins and needles. Though, it can be said that’s also their current state, considering the show has yet to be picked up for a third season. For her part, the actress says she’s hopeful. “[The writers] are definitely planning on it,” she says.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

April 22, 2012 Gallery-Nikita

HD screen captures from the latest episode of Nikita have been added to the gallery. Like most of you, I was completely in awe of Maggie’s performance this week, it just proves that she has a lot of untapped potential as a dramatic actress and this latest episode was just further proof as to why Nikita simply has to be renewed for a third season.

April 11, 2012 Gallery-Scans

I’ve added 11 scans of Maggie from a striking new feature in the May 2012 issue of Inked to the gallery. Fingers crossed we’ll be seeing a lot more from this shoot very soon! Enjoy the scans.